Training Videos

Looking for some guidance or tips for your training, check out my videos below. As always, let me know what you think.

The Conjugate Method – My Favorite Way To Train
In this video I answer one of your questions. How do I train myself? This is my favorite training method and how I train most of the year round. It is an advanced protocol and requires a lot of knowledge to run correctly. Once you understand its main principles you really start to see the logic behind it and then the gains will come. You wont go back to a traditional split and if you do it wont feel right. Apart from the fact that it works better than any other training system I have used I just love the freedom it gives me. No waiting on equipment as every week the program can change. As long as you use exercises that perform a similar function or help develop your week points then you are good to go. Keep your questions coming and if you would like to try my version of the Conjugate Method hit me up for a personalized program with the email button up top.

Bag Work
Testing out the ol’ right shoulder. Two weeks back to boxing and feeling okay. Not great power right now but it’ll come. Never give up!

Shoulder Shocker
Get a massive pump for your delts with a little arms thrown in too. Thanks to Matt Wichlinski for this one.

Quick Home Circuit
Another home workout from Alpha-Fitness. No excuses, only takes 10 minutes. Check out the podcast for fitness tips and movie news.



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