I have been training with Jonny for the last 5 months. Throughout this time he has pushed me and motivated me to my fitness goals and aspirations. He has also provided continued nutritional advice. Our combined teamwork has resulted in me really seeing improvements in muscle-building and definition. I would definitely recommend alpha fitness to anyone who wishes expert personal training.

Dr Andrew J Kinnon – 2012

I started talking to Jonathan in the gym before deciding to go for some personal training, his clear goal orientated approach to training made my decision easy. Over the next two weeks I was in the gym less but doing so much more. The difference was very noticeable with size and strength coming quickly.

His one-on-one approach means that the work I’m doing is a lot more focused and effective than if I was simply left to my own devices in the gym.

Jonathan has also shown me the importance of a good, balanced diet and the right supplements in order to meet my tailored goals. In just two months I have added over 4kg of muscle after years of staying the same weight and trying to build.

I would have no problem in recommending Alpha Fitness to help you “achieve your goals”.

Kenneth Giblin -2011

“Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my goals to both lose 1 ½ stone and improve my fitness and upper body strength.

As a twice cancer survivor, health and happiness have become so important to me, I really enjoy sessions with you, you make them fun and motivational, they are so varied from the work in the Gym, in the park by the river, to even doing activities in my garden with the wheelbarrow! I appreciate your flexibility and specific coaching of exercises I can do in hotel rooms whilst away on business”

Melanie Morris – 2010

“Jonny brought me from the ‘comfortable couch’ to the fitness party, without too much pain and in a relatively short time.
As an ageing and mature golfer I wanted to get some control & distance into my game. Jonny succeeded by improving my strength & agility adding some 20yds onto my drives and taking 2″ off my waist – are they connected?
I would genuinely recommend Jonny to those people who need motivation & encouragement. He will get you back on the road without you really noticing and you have a good laugh along the way.”

Michael Norval 2011

“Well since you shown me proper technique with squatting I have blown through plateaus on various lifts and pulls. It’s all about promoting anabolic response with these big lifts eh. Cheers.”

Will Shiels – 2012

“I’m a busy working mum and have struggled in the past to find the time and energy to exercise. The decision to train with Johnny is one of the best I have ever made.

After a few months of training I felt fitter, stronger and more confident than ever before.

Johnny has given me a whole new outlook on exercise. I no longer spend hours on a treadmill and I now lift weights (pretty heavy ones!) The results have been amazing and I know that I would never have reached this stage on my own. Johnny is an expert judge of my abilities and knows exactly how far to push me, without ever pushing me too far.

Johnny is my constant source of encouragement, motivation and advice and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Sara Whitnall – 2013

“I always thought that although I was never slim I was still quite fit until I took part in race for life. I really had to push myself & the photo taken at the finish line made me realise that I had really let myself go & get very out of shape. Not knowing much about fitness I called upon my friend Johnny as I knew he had a great deal of knowledge in the area & would be very patient with me which was important to me as I was very anxious. I told him that I wanted to lose weight, tone up & feel healthier as I was going on a beach holiday within 4weeks & so we embarked upon a journey where we met a few times per week to train & I kept a food diary so he could see what I was eating too. Although I found it tough at first I was delighted with the results & felt confident in my swimming costume on holiday after shedding over a stone in weight in just 1 month. I took away a great deal of fitness & nutrition information that I still implement in my day-to-day life now. I would highly recommend Johnny at Alpha fitness if you are wanting to shape up, get healthy or just feel better about fitness. Fun, friendly service that made the world of difference to my confidence :)”

Paula MacDonald – 2013

“As a complete beginner to the sport of Ice Hockey, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to compete in the Ice Topp Sports Summer Cup tournament in Dundee. I found out there would be all manner of different abilities competing from recreational players all the way to professional hockey players. It became clear to me straight away that I would need to somehow increase my fitness levels to have any chance of playing at an acceptable level and pace. And if I was to get the maximum enjoyment from the experience, sitting wheezing on the side-lines would not be the place to find it. As someone who does not necessarily require a set fitness level to get by on a daily basis, I felt that some guidance would go a long way to help me reach my goal. I was glad to find that Jonathan Dobie at Alpha Fitness was willing to cater to my needs on the exact levels of my desired plan. He provided me with excellent tailored tips and training programmes to help me increase my fitness in the fields most important to Ice Hockey concentrating on strength and cardiovascular. He also prepared an excellent diet plan for me and helped me understand the importance of my diet and how to keep to it. During the hockey tournament I felt fresh and invigorated and loved every moment of my time on the ice. I began to feel a noticeable difference in my daily life also working as an actor and performing as a musician. My mood and all round wellbeing was lifted to another level and just I couldn’t be happier with the results. All the support that was provided to me by Jonathan on my journey really helped me buy in to the whole process. I never once felt alone or lost. I could instil all my trust into him and the service he provided me. Since then I have competed in the tournament for three years running and I am truly amazed. I would never have thought I’d be where I am today. I’m proud to be able to say that “I trained with Alpha Fitness.””

Lee Kehrer – 2013

“Jon is a tremendous support and knowledgeable. His dedication to Alpha Fitness and his physique demonstrate hard work and focus. That is certainly what he expects, and helped me to achieve goals with constructive criticism, and genuine encouragement and support. I suffered two sprained shoulders through wrestling, and Jon helped me to strengthen my body and to overcome any shortcomings. I respect Jon’s work ethic and support to his clients. A very supportive and pleasant coach to work with.”

Euan Mackie – 2014

“Alpha fitness is amazing! Johnny got me back into fitness after I was stuck in a rut. He adapted my work outs to fit round my weaknesses to make me stronger and gave me homework that I could fit around my daughter. Everything was achievable and totally personal to me! I never felt embarrassed or intimidated when I started and he has always made me feel 100% and keeps me motivated. I’m so grateful for everything’s he’s done for me so far and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! #ayg xxx”

Claire Salmoni – 2014

“Truly the best personal training I’ve experienced.”

Barry Conlon – 2015

“In 2008 I sprained my shoulder in the wrestling ring and never really fully recovered. I endured a lot of pain and fear that it would get worse. A lot of my confidence was effected and I was worried to put pressure or strain on my injury. In 2010 I sprained my other shoulder and endured a lot of niggling pains with my arms for years. In 2014 I came to Alpha-Fitness, and Jon was very patient and helped me focus and strengthen my shoulders once again. Jon helped me build up confidence and determination. Sadly various outside factors stopped me being able to go as often as I would like to Alpha Fitness, but i took the lessons I had learned from Jon and continued to work hard. Now I take part in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop classes etc with Pole O Rama in Kirkcaldy, and this really helps me. Wrestling wise I feel much better and far more comfortable, able to do many things I used to do years ago. I am going to post a picture of me doing a variation of ‘The Flag’ to celebrate!”

Euan Mackie – 2015

“I’d been weight training for a few years already but had hit a bit of a wall and needed some help so I got in touch with Johnny. He got back to me straight away to discuss my goals and expectations. I was having problems with my squat and right away Johnny was able to see what was wrong. The only thing for it was to go right back to basics and build it from there. Although it’s a work in progress, my technique is infinitely better. I’m squatting deep, my knees aren’t painful all the time like they were before and I’m noticing much more muscle definition in my lower half despite lifting less weight. All in all, I’m really pleased with how its going and would definitely recommend Johnny to anyone from first time gym goers to those looking to get the most out of their existing strength training.”

Jenny Wright – 2015

“I’m a bit of an on/off fitness fan. Johnathon really helps motivate me and understands that my goal is very important for me personally and for my career. Although physically I feel stronger. I’m only just beginning to see visible improvements now and its motivating me even more to stick at this and see my true potential. Thanks”

Luna Bear – 2015

“I have really been enjoying visiting Alpha-Fitness down by the river, it’s great location with plenty of kit and Johnny really knows his stuff! I go with my partner or with my mum and it’s great to learn the skills in the gym and apply them at home daily. I was always useless at the gym but Johnny gives me a plan and has pushed me to work harder!”

Jasmine Morris – 2015

“For a couple of months now I have been following Jonathan’s (Alpha Fitness) nutrition plan. My main goal was to put on lean muscle mass and become stronger. Jonathan carefully customised a nutrition plan to suit my needs and goals and I am delighted with the progress I have made since following this plan. Jonathan also made regular contact to check in on how I was getting on with the plan and has been supportive and encouraging throughout this process. I will continue to use Alpha Fitness and recommend them to anyone. Great work Johnny and thanks again!”

Steve Murphy – 2016

“Just finished my first 10 sessions with Alpha Fitness and can’t believe the change in myself. After having my second child and numerous failed attempts at trying the gym my confidence was low. Jonathan helped me make my diet better where I eat more now than I ever have. I feel I have so much more energy! I have very little experience with weight training so was always a little nervous to do so but already I can feel my body changing. Jonathan is great at getting you to push yourself without you even realising. My confidence is now at a point were I am ready to hit the gym on my own for some extra sessions and can’t wait to continue my journey with the help of Alpha Fitness!”

Teri Boyd – 2016

“I had contemplated losing weight and toning up for quite a while before contacting Jonathan by email about 7 weeks ago. I am a Coeliac and was overweight and generally unfit. After watching one of his YouTube videos in which he explained himself as having lactose intolerance and an awareness of dietary requirements, I thought he would be the ideal person to help me with a Gluten Free diet plan. He quickly arranged a phone conversation to get to know more about me and to help tailor a nutrition plan and weights training programme to suit my needs. We agreed upon the Diamond package that he offers. I then had to compile a food diary for him to get an idea of my poor eating habits. Within a week he had sent me the information I required. His nutrition plan has radically changed what I now eat and I am currently more active than I have been for over 10 years. I have lost a stone in weight and dropped a jean and shirt size already. As I live in Northumberland I am one of his online clients and I use a gym in Newcastle for the practical element of the plan. Jonathan regularly keeps in contact both via email and messenger to check on my progress, offering advice and answering questions when required. He has proved to be very professional throughout. I am looking forward to meeting him in person, using his gym and getting some more tips later this month when I’m up in Perth. Using Alpha Fitness has been one of the best things I have done in a long time and proves that you don’t have to be local to Perth to receive Jonathan’s expert advice and support.”

John Rollo – 2016

“Thank you! Totally recommend you to everyone!”

Fraser McPherson – 2016

“Absolutely amazing support and results… nearly 4kg down in 4 weeks!! Online and phone support is brilliant, always quick to reply with very knowledgeable responses. This has made achieving my goals easier as I live along way (Aberdeen) out of town! Would recommend to anyone considering a trainer/nutritional advice – regardless of location”

Lucy Rowe – 2016

“Since training with Johnny, I have improved my strength and stamina, especially my upper body strength. I also entered a deadlift competition and ended up beating my 1RM twice thanks to his help in preparing me for it.”

Luke Hartley – 2017


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