About Me: From FAT to FIT

Welcome to Alpha Fitness, my name’s John and my fitness journey started 10 years ago. I was almost 19 stone of fat, cigarettes and wine. I did zero exercise and only ate takeaways and food from the bakery. I also worked nights so slept all day and stayed up until the early hours of the morning. I once slept in for a shift which started at 1630hrs. My lifestyle was a complete mess. I was on the management track because I worked hard and had good friends and family but I was not managing myself correctly.

I was 24 and my girlfriend and flat mate actually staged an intervention as my weight ballooned from 13 stones to 19 within one calendar year. I drunk two bottles of red wine per night and smoked 3 packs of cigarettes daily. This was my routine and obviously I drunk and smoked more when I partied or was at leisure. People were even commenting that they thought I was in my thirties. At 24 you don’t want to hear that. To quote the great Owen Hart, “Enough was enough and its time for a change.”

I’d had lots of ‘false starts’ but at some point ten years ago I had my last ‘false start’. I used various tricks, motivational techniques, and systems to change my routine and lifestyle around. I never wanted to quit smoking or drinking and never had hangovers. I also loved junk food. But I knew how badly I was treating myself, I was heavy and my health was very poor. I started with cutting down, and eventually stopping smoking. I also cut back on the alcohol and even stopped drinking for many years, just to prove I could. Next was the nutrition. I had experimented with my food and tried many fad diets all my life. Remember, even just 10 years ago the internet wasn’t such a big deal for the average person and the media was more concerned with selling weight loss products and marketing popular celebrities dieting techniques than actually providing people with the right information. I made all the mistakes and then some.

It took me longer than it should have to achieve my goals. Because of bad advice in a magazine and using routines that were not suitable for me or my fitness level I still carry a few injuries which I need to manage in my training. I really should have taken on the services of a personal trainer and I could have progressed much quicker and avoided a few crucial mistakes.

Regardless of my error to not enlist the services of a coach I progressed quite quickly and as I got myself in shape and personal training became a more popular option for people who needed help. I started getting asked to train other members of the gym. I told them that before I took them on as a client I wanted to be fully qualified and insured, so I went to college and got my insurance in order. I called the people who had inquired previously and they still wanted my help so Alpha-Fitness started trading as soon as I finished my studies. That was 8 years ago now.

I’ve worked with people of all ages from 14 – 73 and for many different reasons. Many wanted to lose body fat. Some wanted to put weight on or build muscle. I’ve trained people for athletic endeavours such as weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, running, Crossfit, Ironmans, Rugby, and Football. I’ve worked with Military personnel, people who simply wanted to “look good naked” and many people who were looking to improve their health and fitness.

The difference in their goals and interests reflects the differences in lifestyles for my clients also. I work a lot with medical professionals and business people but also full or part time parents, retail workers, people who travel for work such as area managers or directors of companies, teenagers and pensioners. All with different schedules, commitments, and time constraints. We make it work and its not one size fits all.

There are constants that will work for everyone but that doesn’t mean they suit everyone’s lifestyle. My job is finding the best system for you that is realistic and manageable. I don’t deal in 6 week transformations so if that’s what you are looking for I’m probably not your man. I could get you there for sure, but I’m more interested in lifestyle changes. I want peoples investment in Alpha-Fitness to be the absolute best value for their money. It is not good value if the weight goes right back on again after being dragged through an unrealistic plan for 8 weeks.

Alpha-Fitness provides Personal Training, Nutritional Advice, Lifestyle Coaching, Training and Nutrition Plans and Distance Training options for all needs and fitness levels. Please get in touch through the Contact page to start discussing your personal training needs.

Hopefully my story will have inspired you and you may have noticed some parallels between us. I’m certainly happy to answer any questions over the phone or via email but I prefer to meet someone in person. That way you get a real feel for a person and at the end of the day personal training requires a close working relationship so you have to have a good connection. So if its convenient but you are unsure if personal training is for you lets meet for a coffee and have a chat.

I look forward to working with you.

Your coach,



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